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There is an endless number of business ideas for teens. In this article, I am going to mention a few online business ideas for teens.

The business ideas for teens are very popular and have the potential to make $10000 per month even as a beginner. Yes, you read that right! In fact. you can earn a minimum of $2000 per month with no experience.

To start. all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

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Freshbooks: A must-have software for all business owners:

While running a business, we often need help in creating and sending invoices to the customers.

Freshbooks is one of the best billing software for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and freelancers! It is a platform where you can maintain all the expenses of your organization on a daily basis.

Creating and sending invoices is one of the key features of Freshbooks.

Managing the financial segment of your startup gets really complicated sometimes. You need to take care of the payments, taxes and all that stuff.

Just sign up and get started on your first invoice. Add a client, your billables and send it out! Clients get the invoice in their email and can pay directly online.

Try Freshbooks today.

Online Business Ideas for teens

Here are some online business ideas at home that have high-income potential.

1. Online Dropshipping Store:

Business ideas for teens

It is one of the other most popular online business ideas for teens. With dropshipping, you can sell items (from a third-party supplier) that you don’t even own. It means that you don’t need a warehouse for your products and you can literally sell online from anywhere without any hassle.

Whenever a purchase is made from your store, the third-party suppliers deliver the product to the customer’s address. This is how you can sell products you don’t even own.

  • Find a Niche
  • Set up your online eCommerce store
  • Partner with a supplier

How To Get Started?

Shopify is one such website that allows you to make an eCommerce store. The pricing starts at $29 per month. Also, you get a 14-day free trial if you sign up through my link.

Get started with Shopify

Try Shopify ( FREE for 14 days ).

Find A Niche:

Just like blogging, you have to do keyword research on dropshipping products in order to find out which product sells more. Some of the most popular dropshipping niches are:

  • Tech niche
  • Fashion Niche
  • Lifestyle niche
  • Women Apparel

Market Your Product:

Once you have set up your dropshipping store, you need to promote your store. You can do email marketing or paid promotion on social media. Marketing your online store will help you to drive more traffic to your store.

Udemy course to get started: The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship course

2. Online Courses

If you have any special skills that you are famous for, you can teach others how to do so by recording video classes. You can then sell them on a platform like Teachable.

Teachable allows you to create gorgeous, money-making sales pages, track sales and receive payments.

Offer coupons and advanced pricing options including subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles and more! This is how you can diversify your income!

Launch your online course with Teachable!

3. Flipping Domain Names:

According to this article on domain flipping, the domain Cameras.com was sold for $1,500,000 and Hotels.com was sold for $11,000,000.

A domain flipper purchases domain names for cheap and then sells them at a higher price. For getting started you need to register domain names that would have high commercial values in the future. You can purchase a domain for cheap from Namecheap. Since this business has a little more risk than others, I won’t suggest going full-time with it.

Where should you purchase your domain name?

Bluehost is one of the best platforms to purchase your domain. Type the domain you want to purchase and check if it is available or not.

4. Start A Blog: One of the highest paying business ideas for teens

Business ideas for teens

Blogging has opened the door for many entrepreneurs to make money online. It is a completely online business. You cannot make money if you blog as a writer! You have to work on your blog as a businessman.

However, you don’t need to be a very good writer to start your blog. You can write the way you talk. I specifically love blogging since it is a kind of passive income. You write the articles once and it will make money for you for years to come. In the beginning, it will take a lot of hard work and effort to get traffic to your blog. But, once, it starts making money you can work for just 5 hours a week!

Now, the question is, how to start a blog?!

  • Choose a niche for your blog(like health, fitness, food, personal finance, technology etc)
  • Purchase a suitable domain name and web hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Write articles that will provide value to your readers
  • Optimize the articles with SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Monetize your blog

Choose a niche:

As I have said above, blogging as a hobby or as a writer won’t make a single penny. For blogging as a business, you need to know the interest of your audience. Some of the high-paying blogging niches are health, fitness, finance, beauty, business, food, fashion blog, and other lifestyle blogs.

Choose a Domain and Purchase Webhosting:

There are several companies like(Godaddy, Siteground) that sell domain names and hosting separately. But, with Bluehost, you can get hosting and a FREE domain (for the first year) at just $3.95 per month. You can name your blog which is relatable to your business. Once you have purchased the web hosting and the domain name, your blog will go live.

Grab 60% discount on Bluehost

You can start your blog with Bluehost for just $3.95/month. That’s 60% off on their regular pricing. Also, get a FREE domain name for the first year. Grab the offer now.

Write Articles

After purchasing web hosting, start writing high-quality articles. Write about the topics you have knowledge about. Write about 15-20 articles with at least 800 words each.


There are several ways how you can monetize your blog. Applying to Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. If you want to monetize through Affiliate Marketing, you can apply on Amazon Associate, Shareasale, Clickbank, etc.

Blogging is one of the low-risk and high profitable business ideas for teens. The return on investment that you get from your blog is outstanding.

Get started with Bluehost today.

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5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an online business where affiliates(like bloggers, YouTubers, etc.) promote other people’s products and earn a commission for making a sale.

To get started on Affiliate marketing, register with ShareaSale, Awin, and Amazon affiliates. The best way to do affiliate marketing is to start a YouTube channel or a blog. Affiliate Marketers are making a minimum of six figures from their business.

Udemy course to get started: Clickbank Success- Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

6. Graphic Design:

With thousands of businesses blooming around the world, they all need Graphic Designers to make Flyers, brochures, logos, banners, etc for the companies. Even small home-based businesses need Graphic Designers for posting high-quality content on social media applications.

Things you can make as a Graphic Designer: Posters, flyers, banners, brochures, infographics, social media ads and images for websites and blogs.

You can get started with Adobe Photoshop. It is the best graphic design software to get started. Graphic Designers on Upwork are earning about $40 to $100 per hour.

Moreover, you can get high-paying clients on Flexjobs, a premium job search service.

Udemy course to get started: Graphic Design Masterclass

7. Write and Sell Kindle Ebooks:

Business ideas for teens
Image source: Pixabay

Do you have knowledge of a specific skill that you are famous for in your college or in the locality? If yes, then many other people around the world might be trying to learn the same skill. Why not write it down into an ebook and sell them?

Some of the Ebook topics include:

– Web development (Teach people how to code)

-Marketing skills

-Are you a successful Entrepreneur? Teach people how to become one.

-Are you a fitness and dieting expert? Teach people how to lose weight.

-Write about your special food recipes

If you have any of these skills, compile them into an eBook. After you have written the eBook, sell it with Sendowl. Promote your eBook on social media to get sales. The more sales and book reviews you get, it will rank better in search engines. In this way, you can make passive income from eBooks.

Udemy course to get started: How I Wrote a Best Selling eBook In 72 Hours

8. Start a Podcast:

Business ideas for teens

Starting a podcast is one such business that has not reached the saturation point yet. Businesses are realizing the power of podcasts. Hence there is a growing demand for Podcasts in the market. Select a niche you are passionate about and talk about that. You must provide some value to your audience or else they will just leave. Make sure you are solving the problem of your audience. That will make them stick to your podcast.

Now, how to monetize the Podcast?

You can monetize by doing Affiliate Marketing. You can send your traffic to the Affiliate links and when they purchase, you will receive a commission. Also, you can sell your own products like eBooks or merchandise.

Just like a blog, you need to choose a hosting company for your Podcast. Buzzsprout is the cheapest and the most popular podcast hosting company to get started.

Udemy course to get started: The Podcast Masterclass: The complete guide to podcasting.

Try Buzzsprout for FREE!

Get started on Buzzsprout for FREE(for 90 days!)

9. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the act of collecting emails of people and sending them personalized emails to make them aware of your new products in the market.

While visiting random websites on google, have you ever noticed a pop-up form on the websites that asks for your email address to send you valuable content in your inbox? Once you enter your email address in the form, you get into their email list. And that is exactly how email marketing is done. So, the best way to do email marketing is to start a website or a blog. You can do email marketing with your online eCommerce store too.

Convertkit is the best and most popular email marketing tool available in the market. You can get started on Convertkit for FREE(up to 1000 subscribers)! It has a paid version too. When you reach more than 1000 subscribers, it is obvious that you will be earning some money from your email list. You can invest the money in the paid plans. Until you are reaching 1000 subscribers, you can focus on your work for free!

Build your email list.

Get started on ConvertKit for FREE.

Udemy course to get started: Email Marketing- Copywriting and Growing Your E-mail Lists

10. Social Media Manager: One of the best part-time business ideas for teens

Business ideas for teens
Image source: Pexels

Are you a social media addict? Do you love spending time on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps? If yes, then you can turn this hobby into a profession.

Today, almost all businesses need exposure on the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin to reach more clients. But they don’t have time to post regularly on social media.

You can approach them for letting you manage their profiles. But why will they let you work? Just because you know how to use Instagram? NO! You must have skills like building followers, marketing, basics of graphic design. If you have experience building followers on Instagram, that’s a huge bonus for you. Do you own any Instagram page (like a meme page, simple quotes, etc) with more than 10K followers? If yes, then you can easily get selected as a Social Media Manager.

11. Sell WordPress Themes:

Are you a web developer who is tired of his full-time job? If so, you can make and sell WordPress themes on Themeforest (which is run by Envato).

Free themes are not customizable enough. So most WordPress users go for the paid ones. First, decide on a niche in which you want to work.

The most popular ones are e-commerce websites, food blog themes, and themes for business websites.

12. Proofreading Business:

If you have an eagle eye for the errors in a document, then Proofreading might be for you. The job of a proofreader is to correct the errors in a document. Wondering if you can make money as a Proofreader? Take Caitlin Pyle as an example. She made $43,000 in one year as a proofreader.

How To Get Started?

To get started as a Proofreader, you can take this FREE workshop by Caitlin Pyle. In this workshop you can learn about the basics, getting clients, etc. This workshop has everything you need to be a successful proofreader.

13. Host Your Room On Airbnb: One of the most profitable business ideas for teens

If you have an unused room or even a home property, then Airbnb is the place to get started. You can rent the home or a part of your home for the guests to live in. Make your home/room look attractive and beautiful. Take high-quality pictures combined with a reasonable price and you are all set.

14. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants help entrepreneurs and business owners organize their work. As a virtual assistant, you will be scheduling calls and appointments, managing clients, organizing meetings for them and taking care of administrative work. Virtual assistants are in high demand for every kind of online business.

15. Baking:

Business ideas for teens

If you know how to bake, this business can bring you a lot of money. There is a demand for cupcakes, muffins, pies, or cheesecakes. You need your own cooking equipment for setup.

16. Sell Handmade Goods:

Business ideas for teens
Image source: Pexels

Do you love making DIY candles, pottery, soaps, etc.? Etsy is the best platform to sell handmade things. If you can establish the demand for your products, you can turn it into a full-time business.

17. Pet Sitting: One of the most flexible business ideas for teens

According to a survey, 67 percent of US households own a pet. There are several times when the family has to leave for a vacation or some work and cannot take their pets with them. If you love animals, you can take care of the pets while their families are away. To find work, register with Rover.

18. Web Development:

Every business needs a website and if you know how to make one, there is a huge scope in the market.

19. Tour Guide:

If you live in a tourist hotspot area, you can open your own Tour Guide company. You also need to have knowledge of local cultures and their histories. You can also arrange their meals and buses for them to travel.

20. Ghost Writing:

A ghostwriter is someone who doesn’t get the credit for writing but they do get paid a lot. Bloggers need ghostwriters for their blogs. Ghostwriters write the content and bloggers put their names on it. But in return, they charge a lot of money for the same. Register with Flexjobs and start offering your services.

21. Babysitting business:

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teens and the earning potential has increased exponentially in recent years.

You can offer babysitting services at events, hotels or at the client’s residence.

According to payscale.com, babysitters charge around $11.82 per hour.

The startup costs are pretty low. All you need is a website and some transportation costs. As you complete each babysitting job, try to collect testimonials from the parents and family members. You can showcase those reviews on your site to increase your trust score. To expand to business, you can employ other babysitters too.

22. House Cleaning Business:

No one enjoys house cleaning(until and unless they are paid for it).

We all want our homes to be clean and tidy, but not everyone has the time and energy to do it.

This is a good opportunity for all the entrepreneurs out there. You can easily get plenty of clients in this business.

Startup costs: Cleaning equipment and products, advertising and labor.

23. Running errands:

There are some people who cannot find time to complete small tasks like doing the laundry, moving furniture, or mending a broken tap. Hence, they hire people to get their work done.

Take advantage of their requirements and become a professional errand runner to take care of people’s needs. You can also build a website or a mobile app for your business.

Some of the in-demand services include:

  • Delivery service
  • Home repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • Yardwork
  • Closet organization service
  • TV mounting
  • Doorbell installation
  • Junk removal
  • Unpacking services

24. Pet grooming business:

Pet owners often seek pet grooming services.

Startup cost: Cost of high-quality tools, setting up a website and advertisement cost.

Blades, nail clippers, shampoo, dog brushes, shears and fur dryers are some of the essentials that you need for your business.

Advantages of starting a business as a teen:

Everyone should have the thrilling experience of starting their own business at least once in their life.

You have nothing to lose:

It is best to start a business during your teenage years because, if you fail, you can focus on your college placements and job opportunities.

It is the time when you don’t have any responsibilities. You don’t have kids to take care of nor any 9-5 job responsibilities. This is a golden period of life and even if you fail, you can always try some other business ideas.

Also, if your business needs investment, then invest the amount that you are not afraid to lose.

You have got energy and time:

A startup demands a lot of time and energy.

You can work on it part-time during school or college days. Trust me, life is a lot less stressful during this period. So, it will be easier to focus on your goals.

You start thinking like a business owner rather than an employee:

School and colleges show us the road to being a good employee and not an entrepreneur.

Starting your own business during this time will make you a wise and experienced individual. Your entrepreneurship journey will teach you to handle risk and many other valuable lessons that are not taught in any schools and colleges.

How to start a business with no money:

Here’s a quick story of how I started my first blog as a teenager (that required investment).

I love writing and I came across the idea of starting a blog. For some reason, I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. Hence, I started working as a freelance graphic designer. I used to send cold emails to a lot of companies and individuals. Finally, I managed to get some good clients and whatever I had earned, I invested in the domain and hosting.

So, if you are good at something, you can start offering your services for money.

Start small. Start with whatever you have.

Business ideas for teens: The Bottom Line

These are the most profitable online business ideas for teens. You can try them and see what works for you. I personally like blogging as it requires a lot less investment than dropshipping. These two business ideas mentioned above can help you achieve the financial freedom you always wanted. The best part is, that you can start these businesses as a side hustle while working as a full-time employee. Once, you start earning a decent amount from your online business, you can even quit your 9 to 5 job if you want to!

business ideas for teens

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