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If you have a knack for creating handmade items, then Etsy is the place to go!

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces to sell handmade products.

Don’t enjoy making crafts?! No problem!

You can sell digital products or drop-shipped items as well.

This blog post has the ultimate list of Etsy shop ideas!

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etsy shop ideas

Is it profitable to sell on Etsy?

Etsy has over 4.36 million active sellers and over 81.9 million active buyers.

Putting your products in an Etsy store will get you exposed to millions of potential customers who are actually willing to make a purchase from your store.

The fees are minimal and hence it is a low-risk option for beginners to get their foot in the door.

How much does it cost to start a shop on Etsy?

Etsy charges a listing fee of $0.20 for each item that you list for sale.

Moreover, they charge a transaction fee of 6.5% of the price when you make a sale.

Open your Etsy shop.

Etsy shop ideas

Here are some of the Etsy shop ideas to make a full-time income.

It’s your job to identify a gap in the market and fulfill them.

1. Handbags

Hangbag is a necessity for most women while stepping out of the house.

Create light-weight handbags for different occasions like work, shopping, traveling or dating.

Handbags come in different types, shapes and sizes. It is better to select a specific niche instead of targeting the whole market.

For instance, you may want to sell lightweight handbags for traveling purposes.

BeyondFlorida is one of the most popular sellers in this niche.

2. Phone cases

A phone case protects the phone from external damage like scratches. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the users to showcase their personalities.

Phone cases are in rage as more and more people want to have a unique identity.

3. Handmade soaps

Decide what ingredients and scents you want to use.

Make sure that your soap looks visually pleasing with subtle colors and a soft fragrance.

Before listing them on Etsy, distribute some samples to your close ones who will leave honest feedback.

4. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are quite popular as it is a quick way to refresh ourselves after a long day at work.

Presentation is everything when it comes to bath bombs!

Bath bombs are easy to create from the scratch. Head over to YouTube and you can find multiple tutorials on how to make bath bombs.

Experiment with some fun shapes and make varieties with essential oils and scents.

5. Instagram highlight icons

There is an ample number of things that you can sell without being crafty.

And, one of them is Instagram highlight icons!

They sell like hotcakes on Etsy and have taken over the internet by storm!

This is undoubtedly one of the best digital products to sell for passive income.

Make themed Instagram highlight icons targeted at different niches.

You can easily create Instagram highlight icons with Canva.

Try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days.

6. Instagram story template

Create Instagram story templates for small businesses, bloggers or shop owners.

The templates should be aesthetically pleasing and simple to edit.

If you are using Canva Pro, then avoid using the PRO features as they will be watermarked and cannot be used by a customer who doesn’t own the paid version of Canva.

7. Decorative cushion covers

Cushion covers are needed for bringing color and comfort to different rooms.

Try to experiment with a variety of styles that will complement different interior designs.

8. Jewelry

Jewelry will never be out of fashion.

It is an evergreen product that can be gifted during special occasions or celebrations.

Girls love handmade jewelry and haunt for the best pieces on Etsy.

This includes pendants, bracelets, chokers or themed necklaces.

Check out GlorriaSense to get some inspiration.

9. Wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are another most popular things to sell on Etsy.

You can either sell it as a digital product that the users can download and print or ship the ready-made product to the customer.

10. Pet clothing

People buy dog clothing not just for security and protection, but for fashion too!

Sell those funky and adorable dog collars or leashes to the pet owners.

Make them comfortable and safe to wear with your own unique touch added to them.

11. Drawing and illustration

Gone are those days when people didn’t value your creative side.

On Etsy, artists make a living by selling handmade paintings.

You can sell digital designs too.

People purchase beautiful paintings and use them as interior decoration.

MASTERSCreative is one of the most popular sellers in this niche.

12. Photography and picture frames

If you know how to take good-quality pictures, then this niche is for you!

Search your phone gallery and chances are you already have some images ready to list for sale!

Photography and picture frames go hand in hand.

Anyone who buys a beautiful picture would like to frame it in their room.

13. Wedding gifts

A customized handmade wedding gift is perfect to bring forth the beauty and warmth of the special occasion.

From perfumes and scented candles to bedsheets and jewelry, you can sell almost anything that people can gift at a wedding.

14. Digital papers

Digital papers are used for wrapping papers, notebook covers, invitation cards or crafting projects.

It can also be used for creating bookmarks and funky envelopes.

Digital papers sell the best when you create them based on a particular theme.

15. Lightroom presets

It is one of the most profitable Etsy shop ideas.

If you love editing pictures, then selling lightroom presets might be your cup of tea.

Not everyone likes spending hours editing their Instagram photos. On the other hand, they need to have an aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram.

Here’s when the lightroom presets come into play. With just one click they can create a particular mood or look.

16. Handmade journal

It is one of the nicest things to sell on Etsy.

People love to purchase handmade journals and notebooks.

Choose the right colors for the cover page and make it look visually pleasing.

Try to include a quote or an artwork on every alternate page of the journal to keep the user engaged.

17. Ceramics and pottery

Pottery is one of the most fun activities.

Get the right equipment and materials to start making pottery at home.

Sell handmade ceramic plates for kitchenware, egg trays, ceramic wash basin, tea cup set and so on.

18. Custom T-shirt

So many people love personalized clothing as it adds a unique identity.

Be it a corporate event or a themed party, Etsy is the go-to place to search for personalized clothing.

Your customers might need a t-shirt with a specific text or logo printed on it.

19. Woodworks

Consider selling woodworking products like serving trays, cutting boards, wall shelves, photo frames, dining tables or wooden signs.

Woodworking is tedious and time-consuming work. So, make sure to create the products that are in demand.

20. Gift box

etsy shop ideas

Sometimes, it gets very confusing for an individual to decide what to gift to their special ones on a particular occasion.

So, if you do a little research and combine the best suitable things in a gift basket, it would make the job easier for people.

You can sell bridesmaid wedding gift boxes, postpartum care packages, bath and beauty boxes, spa gift boxes, Christmas gift baskets for women, gift baskets for 18th birthday parties and so on.

21. Pinterest templates

Pinterest templates are one of the most demanded digital products.

Pinterest is a goldmine for traffic and businesses need to be active on the platform to drive traffic to their website.

The Pinterest algorithm demands to publish fresh pins every day.

Creating eye-catching pins is time-consuming and hence many bloggers rely on the ready-made Pinterest templates.

Again, Canva is the best tool to create Pinterest templates.

Try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days.

22. Sticker

Stickers are used to decorate notebooks, postcards, journals and many more!

You can sell stickers of quotes, animals, floral patterns etc.

23. Mugs

Almost everyone has received a mug as a birthday gift!

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or valentines day, a personalized coffee mug can never go wrong.

It is one of the most popular gifts because it can be used on a daily basis for a long period of time.

24. Vintage items

Etsy is the storehouse of vintage items.

Most buyers go to Etsy with the thought of purchasing something which isn’t easily available in the market.

You can sell vintage jewelry, vintage journals, vintage watches, clothes or rings to make money.

25. Crochet items

etsy shop ideas

Crocheting is a skill that can be used to make beautiful gifts for others.

If you love crocheting, selling them on Etsy would make a good supplement income.

You can create simple baby clothes, beanies or blankets.

Once, your Etsy shop gets famous, you might start receiving custom orders!

26. Resume templates

A professional-looking resume can give you an edge over others. A hiring manager goes through thousands of resumes each day.

A visually appealing resume has the power to grab the attention of the hiring manager within a second and make him take a closer look at your job application.

Hence people invest in resume templates instead of spending time on a blank word document.

The easiest thing to sell on Etsy

Go for a niche in which you can spend hours creating a product and actually enjoy the process!

But, if you want to pass by the hassles of packaging, shipping and return of the items, then consider selling digital products!

People can access digital products with just one click!

I use Canva to create digital products.

How much can you make as an Etsy seller?

If you could make your product rank on the first page of Etsy, you can make thousands of dollars each month.

The sky is the limit.

It also depends on how much work you are putting into it and whether you are treating it as a full-time business or just a source of supplement income.

Final Thoughts on Etsy shop ideas

I hope this list of Etsy shop ideas was helpful and has inspired you to start your own shop.

Whether you are an expert in creating handmade items or a graphic designer, there is room for everyone!

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