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Summer is around the corner.

It’s time to step out of your shells and do something productive!

The internet provides us with a vast amount of content. But don’t let your phone suck away all your time and energy.

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Here are 80+ summer bucket list ideas to make the most of the summer!

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Summer Bucket List Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Grab the summer bucket list PDF by clicking here.

Use this summer bucket list ideas to have the craziest time of the year!

1. Make a summer playlist

Spend time on Spotify or iTunes and pick up the best songs that remind you of summer and make you happy.

You will need the playlist while traveling with your friends to the beach or the water park this summer.

2. Earn money

I mean, how can you afford to do amazing things without having any money?!

Moreover, earning money doesn’t have to be tedious all the time!

Love to make arts and crafts? Then start an Etsy shop.

You can also make money by selling your old clothes on Poshmark.

The methods are endless!

3. Bike Riding

summer bucket list

Bike riding is awesome if you want to have fun this summer.

This one is one of the most nostalgic summertime activities.

I used to ride bikes with my friends every evening in the neighborhood.

4. Have a picnic

Go to the grocery store, buy a couple of snacks and have a picnic!

5. Water balloons

Not everyone has a pool or stays near a beach.

Buy water guns or fill up water balloons and throw them around in your neighborhood park.

6. Watch shows

Catching up on shows especially with friends during sleepovers is something that I would recommend.

7. Make DIY Clothes

8. Play volleyball at the beach

9. Have a photoshoot with your best friends

Check out Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration.

10. Go on a hike

summer bucket list

Pack your own food (sandwiches) and have a picnic at the top!

11. Catch the sunrise

Don’t forget to make a time-lapse.

12. Bake a cake that you saw on Pinterest

It doesn’t have to be a fancy cake. Make your own buttercream frosting and make it aesthetic.

Trust me, it’s satisfying!

13. Write a letter to your future self

summer bucket list
Image source: Pexels

I am actually writing one right now. Let’s see how I react to this in the future!

14. Dance in the rain

15. Practice Yoga

Wake up early in the morning (at least once) and do some stretches.

16. Make homemade treats

This is one of the best summer activities.

17. Buy a new swimsuit

18. Visit a farmer’s market.

You can find some fresh foods over there.

19. Try origami

20. Try to become Instagram famous or be famous on TikTok or YouTube.

If you can do it, your whole life will turn around!

21. Make a vision board.

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, dreams and values.

22. Start a personal diary:

I started my personal dairy back in summer 2012 when I was in school!

I still have it!

We didn’t have Facebook or Instagram at that time to share our joys and sorrows.

And today I laugh reading it! Plus, it makes me nostalgic.

I used to write every small thing that happened to me. From everyday incidents to memories and tragedies of my life!

Starting a personal diary is one of the most beautiful things to do this summer.

23. Reunite with old friends

24. Try a water sport

Try kayaking or paddleboarding.

This can be really fun if you go with friends.

25. Try henna.

Buy some henna from Amazon.

26. Visit your grandparents

Every time I visit my grandparents, they spoil me by preparing lots of delicious home-cooked food and gifting me with everything that I ask for!

27. Have a watermelon

28. Land a summer job or internship

It is something that will keep you occupied. Fill up your pocket with some extra dollars!

29. Decorate your room

Add some artificial plants to at the windows. You can also take printouts of some pictures from Google and stick them to the wall.

30. Try making some fancy tea, coffee drink or some other sorts of beverage.

31. Jump into a pool

To make things more interesting, jump with your clothes on!

32. Take a nap in the sun.

Take a sunbathe.

You can literally dedicate a day to tanning. Just sit by the pool or go to the beach.

33. Learn a new dance move

34. Make a smoothie

summer bucket list
Image source: Pexels

Plenty of yummy recipes can be found on Pinterest.

35. A road trip with family on a Sunday afternoon.

Take some home-cooked food and have a picnic.

36. Go for thrift shopping

37. Make s’mores

38. Volunteer for social work in your neighborhood

Nothing is better than giving back to society!

39. Make a DIY face mask

40. Leave a thoughtful reply on a picture to start a conversation

Make a new friend!

41. Play a group game with your friends

Play hide and seek in your city. Or, you can play squid games in real life as well.

42. Have a bonfire night

Summers are incomplete without bonfires.

43. Learn to play a new musical instrument

44. Compliment a stranger online

Your compliment can make someone’s day better! Plus it costs nothing.

45. Fly a kite

46. Babysit kids in your local area

47. Prank your friends

48. Tie-Dye t-shirts

The t-shirts look classy and much better than the regular printed shirts.

49. Build a sandcastle

50. Sit down with your summer homework (just kidding!)

51. Organize your room

This is one of the most productive things to do in summer.

52. Visit a relative

53. Homemade pizza

54. Make money with a lemonade stand

55. Make a dream travel board on Pinterest

56. Learn how to crochet.

This can be a great hobby for the summer.

summer bucket list
Image source: Pexels

57. Relax in the bathtub with a DIY bath bomb

Have a spa day. Just sit back and relax!

58. Visit a free museum

59. Throw out expired beauty products

If you go through your collection, you can find at least one expired beauty product.

60. Unfollow people on social media

61. Pick blueberries and strawberries

62. Clean up your phone space

Check out your phone. You can find some notes of your previous semesters that you can clear up and make more space for storage.

63. Make slime

64. Feed a dog, cat or a bird

I am an animal lover and this acts as therapy for me!

65. Gaze at the stars

Just lie in the backyard and have a fun movie night to make it more romantic.

66. Write down your winter bucket list

67. See fireworks

Celebrate the 4th of July!

68. Overcome a fear

Try doing something that you are really scared of!

69. Donate your old clothes

70. Make popsicles at home

summer bucket list

I know, it is very easy to grab some pre-made popsicles from the store!

But, making popsicles at home is a whole different experience.

I love the yogurt popsicles! They are creamy and delicious!

71. Catch some fireflies

This is a fun nighttime activity.

72. Wash the cars

73. Play frisbee

74. Go viral on TikTok

It would be a thrilling experience!

75. Spend an evening at the lake

76. Learn to braid

French Mohawk Braid looks really cute on girls with short hair. Try it out!

77. Guide tourists in your own city

Do you live near a tourist spot?

You will come across several foreigners who are in need of a tour guide.

It is always a great experience to interact with people from different cultures. You can also get paid for the same!

78. Slip & Slide

Slip & Slide screams summer to me.

79. Go skydiving

80. Go on a group date

81. Attend a music concert of your favorite brand

Concerts can turn out to be really costly.

But, if you are not able to enjoy the show in person, you can check out their virtual performance.

82. Visit a water park

83. Try a new morning routine

Having a productive morning routine is one of the best ways to boost your energy levels.

84. Have a photoshoot on the beach

Grab your swimsuits and take some photos for your Instagram.

85. Do Yoga in your backyard

86. Make a scrapbook

Start a scrapbook to document your summer memories.

87. Plant flowers in your yard

Image source: Pexels

Try gardening. Most people find it relaxing.

Make your yard look pretty.

88. Create a photo wall

A photo wall can be used as a background for your YouTube or TikTok videos.

89. Collect seashells

Printable version of the summer bucket list ideas

Download the PDF.

The Bottom Line: Summer Bucket List Ideas

So, these were some of the affordable things to do in summer!

Did you like these summer bucket list ideas?

How are you spending the summer?

Are you on a vacation with your family? Or trying these bucket list ideas at home?

Do let me know in the comments!

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