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This post is all about some wonderful cat drawing ideas for kids and adults.

Painting is a great way to relieve stress.

Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. All I need is some pencils and colors to beat stress.

If you are looking for easy things to draw, I would suggest you try drawing some cats.

You can experiment with line art or make a detailed drawing.

Start with a simple sketch. Once you finalize it, make an outline with a pen and then finally color it. Erase the pencil lines once you are done finalizing the painting with an ink pen.

You can either draw it in a notebook or use a digital platform for creating your artwork.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry about making your drawing perfect. Just enjoy the process and everything will fall into place.

Once you get comfortable with a hand sketch, try to create digital artwork as it looks more aesthetic and professional. Moreover, you can monetize it!

Yes! You can monetize digital artwork in various ways! But I will talk about it in another post.

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Cat Drawing Ideas

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, practicing these cat drawings will hone your drawing skills.

Just grab a pen and start scribbling on a piece of paper.

Now, let’s have a look at these drawings. I hope you will enjoy these easy drawing ideas.

1. Cat walking pose

Here is a drawing showcasing their walking posture.

cute cat drawing

2. Black cat drawing

Here is a black cat drawing. Here green color is used for the eyes. You can use yellow color as well.

In some parts of the world, black cats are considered unlucky. Whereas in some others, it is believed that black cats bring good luck and prosperity.

No matter where you live, drawing a black cat would be a great way to fill up the pages of your sketchbook.

Also, they look cute and fluffy.

black cat drawing

3. Cartoon cat drawing

This is indeed a cute drawing.

Start by drawing the three main shapes first- the face and the two ears. Then add the eyes and lips.

cartoon cat drawing

4. Anime cat drawing

Here’s a cute drawing of an obedient cat.

cute cat drawing

5. Long necks

Here is a drawing of a mischievous cat with a long neck.

6. Sitting position

Try this out if you are going to draw a cat for the first time.

This is a beginner-friendly drawing.

cute cat drawing

7. Sleeping beauty

Here is a cute cat in a sleeping position.

They indeed look cute while sleeping!

8. Cat resting on a girl’s head

If you are a pet owner, you can relate to this drawing!

9. Cat taking a nap

Have a look at this fluffy cat taking a quick nap.

cute cat drawing

10. Cat Paws

cute cat drawing

11. Cat belly

cute cat drawing

12. Laughing cat

Here is a drawing of a naughty cat laughing his heart out.

13. Say Hi!

This is a drawing of a cat greeting you in the cutest manner.

cute cat drawing

14. Arrogant cat

cute cat drawing

15. Confused cat

Here’s a drawing of a confused cat thinking about his next move.

16. Stretching

Cats indeed look cute while stretching their bodies.

17. Cat playing around

Here is a cute little cat playing with a heart-shaped object.

18. Easy cat drawing

19. Cute cat

20. Cat inside the gift box

21. Birthday cat

Here’s a drawing of a cat wearing a birthday cap.

22. Getting comfortable

Here is a cute drawing of a cat itching its body.

23. Cat wearing sunglasses

24. Standing cat

Here is a drawing of a cool cat in a standing position. The facial expression is such that he is the boss!

25. Cute staring

Here is a drawing of a cat staring at you. The eyes look innocent and beautiful.

26. Cat lying on his belly

27. Cat and a girl

28. Winking

cute cat drawing ideas

29. Mood off!

cat drawing ideas

30. Love birds

cat drawing ideas

I hope you enjoyed these cat drawing ideas.

Try out these amazing drawings on your notepad.

Start with some simple and easy drawing ideas. Play with different colors and styles. Once you get the hang of it, you can move to the more complicated ones.

Here are some drawing tools you need

As an artist, it is important to use the right drawing tools to make your artwork look professional.


These Staedtler drawing pencils are good to go.


I have been using Micron pens for the past 5 years. I generally use it of outlining my artwork before coloring. They are amazing for artwork. Try it out!

Colored Pencil

Try out the Castle art color pencils. They are soft and the colors blend perfectly.

How to find easy drawing ideas?

Well, the internet has been filled with creative drawing ideas. There are several Instagram pages of artists to inspire you. You can also look for inspiration on Pinterest.

The Bottom Line

Don’t forget to check out my other blog posts to get more creative ideas.

Paint your heart out and release your stress.

Keep drawing!

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