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Looking for some unique newlywed game questions to ask couples?

It is the perfect game to spice up your wedding event and I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

This game is widely popular at engagement parties, bridal showers or wedding receptions.

What is the Newlywed game?

It is a game to get to know the couples- their first impressions of each other, their likes and dislikes, etc.

Feel free to add your own twist and ensure that the questions are fun and entertaining.

How To Play The Newlywed Game?

Choose around 10-20 questions from the list.

The host will read out the questions. Both of them will have a whiteboard where they will write down their answers and show them to the crowd when the host asks them to.

For each wrong answer, you can ask them to do a dare or take a shot!

Newlywed Game Questions

If you are wondering what questions to ask at the event, I have got you covered! Here are some of the best questions to take your newlywed game to the next level!

Romantic Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions
  • Who was interested first?
  • Where was your first date?
  • When was your first kiss?
  • The idea of a perfect date
  • What is their go-to place for hanging out
  • Who said “I love you” first
  • Who is more romantic
  • One thing that you love the most
  • One reason you said “Yes” to him
  • How to make him blush
Newlywed Game Questions

Deep Newlywed Game Questions

  • Who is your spouse’s 3 am friend?
  • Tell something about your spouse that no one knows about
  • When was the moment that you decided to get married?
  • What was your family’s first impression of each other?
  • Have you ever read your spouse’s journal or diary?
  • What is your spouse’s biggest phobia?
  • Who is most likely to check their partner’s phone?
  • Have you ever made your spouse cry?
  • When did you feel for the first time that she is “the one”?
  • One thing about him that you hate the most
  • If you can change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

Silly Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions
  • Favorite flavor of ice cream
  • What is your spouse’s favorite food?
  • What is your partner’s favorite chocolate?
  • What was your spouse’s first salary?
  • What was your partner’s first job?
  • Who is the funniest?
  • Who is more sensitive?
  • What’s your spouse’s favorite restaurant?
  • Who is better with animals?

Fun Newlywed Game Questions

  • What’s the most irritating habit of your partner?
  • How many exes did your partner have?
  • What did you do on your first date?
  • What is your partner’s favorite holiday destination?
  • Ideal honeymoon destination
  • The first ever present they gave
  • Would you cheat on your partner for 10000 dollars?
  • Most embarrassing moment of themselves
  • Who is most likely to drunk dial their ex?
  • Who says sorry first after a fight?
  • What is your partner’s favorite order at Starbucks?
  • What attracts you the most
  • Who is more grumpy in the morning?
  • Who is more likely to cry while watching a movie?
  • Who does the most chores in the house?
  • Who is better with the kids?
Newlywed Game Questions

  • How many babies do you want?
  • How long were you dating before you got married?
  • Who is a secret keeper?
  • What does your spouse look sexiest in?
  • How much would you rate him on a scale of 1-10?
  • What did your spouse wear on the first date?
  • What was your first reaction when he proposed to you?
  • Who is more likely to embarrass their partner?
  • What’s your partner’s favorite perfume?
  • Who is more likely to spend money?
  • What is your partner’s wildest fantasy?
  • Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush?
  • Would you rather cheat on your spouse or get cheated on?
  • When did you feel for the first time that she is “the one”?
  • What was your first impression of him?
  • Where did you first meet?
  • Who’s your spouse’s celebrity crush?
  • What’s your spouse’s biggest pet peeve?
  • Who is the man in the relationship?
Newlywed Game Questions
  • Who is more stubborn?
  • Who wanted to get married first?
  • Who is more likely to start an argument
  • How does your spouse spend their day off?
  • What’s your wife’s zodiac sign?
  • What’s your wife’s guilty pleasure?
  • What was your first fight about?
  • How many kids do you want to have?
  • Is your wife an early bird or a night owl?
  • Who falls asleep first while watching a movie?
  • Who is better at organizing?
  • Who complains the most?
  • Who always wins the argument?
  • Who is most likely to not shower 3 days in a row?
  • Who is always on their phone?
  • Who is more likely to gossip?

  • Who is a better driver?
  • What is the tastiest food that your partner has ever cooked for you?
  • Do you like your in-laws?
  • Who loses their temper quickly?
  • What is your partner’s favorite thing about you?
  • Does your partner snore?
  • If your spouse was an animal, what would it be?
  • If your partner was a cartoon character, what would it be?
  • Who is most likely to give surprises?
  • Who is most likely to spill a secret?
  • Who is better at dancing?
  • Who takes longer to take a shower?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?

Naughty Newlywed Game Questions

  • What is the weirdest place you did it?
  • Who is a better kisser?
  • What’s your favorite lipstick flavor? (for the husband)
  • Your spouse’s best body part?
  • What did you notice in her when you first saw her?
  • Who is the biggest flirt among you two?
  • What is that one thing your partner does that turns you on?
  • Describe your first night in one word
  • After how many months of dating did you make love for the first time?
  • Who is more dominating in bed?
  • Who is better in bed?
  • What is the most physically attractive feature of your spouse?
  • What’s your partner’s favorite thing to do- cuddling or kissing?
  • Have you ever gifted lingerie to your wife?

The Bottom Line

With this list of questions in hand and a beautiful couple in front, I hope you have a fun time filled with laughter and joy. Cheers to making memories!

Which newlywed game questions did you pick from the list? Do let me know in the comments!

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